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Cong. Adas Yeshurun

Sunday July 31

This Sunday!

Celebrate the Torah accomplishments made in our shul over the past number of years. With a Fleishig Seudah. Guest Speaker - Rabbi Yonah Reiss

July 31st 7:15pm

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Shabbos July 23

Shabbos Shuir Series for Women
The first shiur will be given by  Rebbitzin Michal Cohen at the home of Mrs. Suzy Nussbaum 3010 Jarvis 5:15pm.


Mondays July 25th, Aug. 1, Aug 8
Women of the community are invited to Rabbi Zev Cohen’s Annual Summer Shiur Series
Understanding the controversy surrounding the Women of the Wall through the lens of Mesorah and Halacha
Mondays July 25th, Aug. 1, Aug 8 at 2pm


As a zechus for Refuah Shleima for
Rabbi Schwartz shlit"a, Gedalia Dov ben Perl 
our keillah has accepted to complete Tehillim each day. 

A sign up sheet has been created at


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Tue, 26 July 2016 20 Tammuz 5776