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Shabbos Hagadol Drasha -    click here to download sheets.

The Shabbos Hagadol drasha has been sponsored

 לע"נ בנימין בן מרדכי ז"ל ,  as a zechus for all the cholim in klal Yisroel and in appreciation of the Rov's inspirational leadership 

and by  Joey and Devorah Seif,
by Fern Crane in memory of David L Crane, ob"m, on the 2nd anniversary of his yahrzeit. He is sorely missed. May his memory be for a blessing to all who knew him, 
Fred and Lynne Brody,
 Ahron and Megan Wulkan
Thank You Rov. Please Bless Us and beseech the Almighty to heal all those in need, and, to end our affliction
n the merit of refuah sheliema for all those iin need at this time in Klal Yisroel including Yehoshua Aron ben Hinda and Chaya Esther bas Tzril Chava and the Olam at large. Hersh and Evy Block
 On the yahrtzeit of my mother Rifcha Leah bat Modechai the last day of Pesach and my husband Tzvi ben Moshe Hacohain. - Phyllis Kaplan, 

 Dr. & Mrs. Avy & Yisraela Dachman,
 Mr. and Dr. Adam Kirshner, 
Michael and Yael Zahtz, 
Yakov and Jona Weil, 
Joseph and Elka Abramchik, 
In memory of Israel Margolies A"H,
In appreciation of the Rov's constant guidance and inspiration, and as a zechus for a refuah shleima to all those affected by COVID-19. -- Rabbi Aharon & Penina Gaffen, 
Avi and Faygie Schwartz - לע''נ בנימין יעקב בן מרדכי, 
thank you for everything you do for us the shul and the klal - Shuie Freimark, 
Lance and Tema Taxer,
Hakaras Hatov to the Rov for all he does for Klal Yisrael and Kehillas Adas Yeshurun , As well as a Zechus for a Refuah Shalayma to everyone in the world who is suffering from this COVID-19 Makkah,
with deep hakaras hatov to the Rav shlit"a and L'iluy nishmas Shaindel Toiba bas Menachem Dov a"h and Eliyahu ben Avraham Isaac a"h, Shmuel ben Fishel a"h and Yisroel Yitzchak ben Ben Tzion a"h, 
Ami and Rivka Zimmerman, 
Heshy and Debbie Wengrow
With tremendous thanks and appreciation for all the Rov and Rebetzin do for each and all of us - Eliyanah Wodika
 Zev and Sara Nechama Brody
Asher and Michal Mendelsberg in appreciation of our dedicated Rov
, לעלוי נשמת הרב בנימין יעקב בן מרדכי
 - Rabbi & Mrs Shlomo Schwart
Rabbi Levy and Avigayil Sheinfeld
Yosaif and Flora Lifsics
Moshe and Cara Sweet
​​​​​​​Rabbi Sam & Mimi Seleski with wishes for a Refuah Shleimah to all Cholei Yisroel
In memory of Sarah bas Zechariah Shlomo ​​​​​​​by Yosef Nagar

Please note that not every shiur will be streamed live. If the connection does not work correctly please use the call in number 515-606-5382 access code 668029#.


Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780