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List of Sponsorships

Sponsor Learning

$500 – Amud Hatorah – Sponsor an entire week of learning including the Kollel Boker, Night Seder, Father and Son and Mishmar programs. Includes recognition in weekly announcements, and a dedicated email.

$250 – Week of Learning – Sponsor a week of learning. This sponsorship is a substantial way to commemorate any special occasion or milestone. Includes recognition in weekly announcements and a dedicated email.

$180 – Day of Learning – Sponsor a day of Learning. This sponsorship includes an email recognition on the sponsored day.

Learning Programs

$60 – Individual Shiurim (Shiurim that are recorded include mention of the sponsorship on the recording.)

$70 - Mishmar - sponsor a week of the Mishmar Program.

$180 - Week of Father and Son Learning – Winter   (Summer = $65) 

Shul Sponsorships

$200 – Kiddush (donations to the Kiddush fund start at $50) Expanded kiddushim are available. Contact the shul office for more information.

$100-180 – Shalosh Seudos

$180 – Coffee and drinks – Sponsor a month of beverages at our coffee station to further energize Torah Learning.

$180 – Shabbos Aliyos - Purchase the aliyos for a Shabbos (the shul reserves the right to add aliyos if needed).

$360 – Bundle -  Aliyos and Week of Learning sponsorship

$36 – Sefarim - Donate a siddur or sefer to our library.

Other Sponsorships

$250 – Website – Your business can be displayed (with a link) on the Shul’s website and mobile app.

$100 – Conference Bridge – Sponsor two weeks of the call in numnber. 

Directed Donations

Donations can be directed to the following funds and programs:

Rabbi Cohen’s Tzedaka Fund – This fund is used to help members and mispalelim in need.

Youth Fund – This fund is used to fund our Youth programming.

Security Fund – This fund is used for our increasing security needs.

Library Fund – Used to purchase safarim and books for the shul’s library.

Adopt a Kollel – Shul members give small monthly amounts to our ‘adopted’ Kollel in Eretz Yisroel. ($5min monthly)


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