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The Frumi Noble Audio Library

07/19/2017 02:45:22 PM


Yeshurun's Audio Library has been dedicated in memory of Mrs. Frumi Noble by her children Dr. Jerry and Barbra Noble.

Below are recently uploaded shiurim to the shul's site. The full online archives are available by accessing the buttons on the side (bottom of the page if you are using a mobile device). 

12/12/2017 01:49:04 PM


Divrei Chizuk on the Petira of 
Maran Hagaon HaRav Aron Leib Shteinman Zt"l

11/22/2017 03:00:47 PM


Upgrade our Teffilos
Shemoneh Esrai Week 4


Upgrade our Teffilos 
Shemoneh Esrai Week 3 



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Shemoneh Esrai Week 2



Shaylah of the Week
Underwater Headphones and Learning while Swimming


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Shemoneh Esrai Week 1 



 Shaylah of the Week
Can an Avel Daven for the Amud in the Twelfth month?


Daf Hashvuah - Yoma 69


10/30/2017 10:05:06 PM


Shabbos Shuva Drasha 5778 - Aharon Hakohen. (1:13:19)
Repeated by Rabbi Cohen on Leil Hoshana Rabba 10-10-17


Daf Hashavuah - Yoma 63


Daf Hashavuah - Yoma 62


Daf Hashavuah - Yoma 61


Daf Hashavuah - Yoma 60



09/19/2017 11:19:45 AM


Rabbi Avraham Schorr at Yeshurun (9-14-17)


Preparing For Rosh Hashana (9-12-17)


Divrei Hesped on Mr. Henry Mermelstein 


Shayla of the Week - How long do we need to keep a lost dental retainer - 9-14-17


Shayla of the week  - Gaining from other's mistakes - Exploiting errors on E-Commerce Sites (9-7-17)


Daf Hashavua Yoma 59


Daf Hashavua Yoma 58


Daf Hashavua Yoma 57


Daf Hashavua Yoma 53


Zichron Shraga Feivel - Division of assets of a divorce 8-27-17



08/16/2017 11:41:11 PM


  Shayla of the Week - Fidget Spinners and other inventions - Charging a premium for the market


  Stem Cells - Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz - 5-10-2017


  Shiur to Women's Navi Shiur - Yichud - Being Along with a Single Woman



Shailah of the Week - Music at a Hachnasas Sefer Torah during the Three Weeks - July 13, 2017 (24:01) 



Bnos Tzion - Rabbi Zev Cohen - Elul (Sept 18, 2016)



Legal Holiday Series
Rabbi Dovid Heber
Preparing for the Great Eclipse of 2017
July 4, 2017


07/31/2017 04:08:36 PM



Shaiylah of the Week
Pidyon Haben Question


Eicha - Preparation for Tisha B'Av
July 26, 2017



07/26/2017 10:53:43 AM


Shailah of the Week

The Popsicle Shailah

Erika Neter Mayer Women's Learning
Rabbi Zlotowitz zt"l and Parshas Chukas

Let's Learn to Daven 7/7/2017
Kadosh Kadosh


Let's Learn to Daven 6/27/2017
Yotzer Hameoros


Let's Learn to Daven 6/20/2017
Yotzer Hameoros

Let's Learn to Daven 6/13/2017
Yotzer Hameoros


Rabbi Zevulun Schwartzman 6/30/2017
Hilchos Aveida


Irgun Shiurei Torah - Boston Beis Medrash
Taking Yiddishkeit to the Next Level


07/20/2017 10:53:43 AM


Mrs. Rashie Schnella"h Summer of Inspiration of the Erika Neter Mayer obm  Women's Learning Division of Adas Yeshurun
Day of Inspiration - Yom Iyun - Sunday July 16, 2017

Women's Yom Iyun 2017

Mrs. Chani Juravel
Feeling the Pain Without Losing Positivity


Women's Yom Iyun 2017
Mrs. Yael Kaisman
The Relevance of Each Bracha of Shmone Esrai in Our Lives


Women's Yom Iyun 2017
Mrs. Yael Kaisman
Self Development on Three Levels

Women's Yom Iyun 2017

Mrs. Chani Juravel
Finding Geula Within



07/05/2017 03:43:01 PM


Legal Holiday Series
Rabbi Dovid Heber
Preparing for the Great Eclipse of 2017
July 4, 2017


Shailah of the Week
Mezuzos in Shul
June 15, 2017


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 50


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 49


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 48



05/14/2017 11:14:33 PM


Shabbos Hagadol Drasha 5777 (Replayed on Chol Hamoed April 13, 2017)

Pharoah and his bechira
Download Mare Mokomos here.


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 39


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 38


Daf Hashavuah
Yoma 37

Shailah of the Week 
March 30, 2017
The husband dies- who sells the chometz?


Let's Learn to Daven - March 21, 2017
Yotzer Hameoros



Fri, December 15 2017 27 Kislev 5778