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Yeshurun’s Lifecycle Meal ProgramFrieda Litman Family Fund

The Frieda Litman Family Fund enables Yeshurun to help provide meals to synagogue members who have just given birth, are sitting shiva or have recently undergone a significant medical procedure and are in need of additional assistance.  One of the foundations of our shul is chesed, kindness. This program helps to involve all congregants by giving our members the opportunity to assist in making or sending meals.

Specific program details:

  • Following the news of a birth, medical procedure or shiva the shul will contact the family or a family friend to set up a meal sign-up sheet. This will be emailed to the membership and will enable community members to ‘sign up’ for a meal.
  • The shul will automatically reserve one meal to be delivered to the recipient.  This will be indicated on the sign-up form as originating from Yeshurun - Frieda Litman Meal Program.
  • The meal will be provided by one of the local caterers or eateries.
  • If necessary, under the discretion of the Rabbinic staff, additional meals may be provided for the family.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784