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Thank you to those who have already pledged:

Gavriel and Lena Prero in memory of Gavriel's father, brother, and Lena and Gavriel's grandparents

Ahron & Megan Wulkan in memory of Ahron's father, and Megan's father, and grandparents

Debbie Garber in memory of Parents and Grandparents

Judy Lebitsky

Debbie Herman in memory of her father, Moshe Dov ben Meir

Sheila and David Segall in memory of Rabbi and Mrs Leon Friedlander z"l 

Esther & Mark Weiner in memory of Parents

Joe and Becky Zimmerman in memory of Elisha Baruch Tuvia ben Uri Menachem

Frank and Susan Kleinerman in memory of their parents

Boruch Goldflies

Lee and Gail Gordon in memory of Simcha Lapuchin

Joe and Becky Zimmerman in memory of Joe's parents and our son. 

Benjy and Elana Kandelman in memory of David Kandelman, grandparents and other loved ones. 

Alvan and Lori Small in memory of Parents and Grandparents

Yitzi and Rena Wengrow in memory of grandparents

Howard and Ilana Karesh in memory of Arthur Feldman and Avi Karesh

Eli and Rachel Klein

David & Rachel Isenberg in memory of David's Mother

Neil and Judy Weintraub in memory of Herbert and Phyllis Sunshine  and Jake Weintraub

Harlan and Robin Loeb in memory of Leonard L. Loeb

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Baral in memory of Parenets and Grandparents

Hershel and Evy Block in memory of Parents, Grandparents and Daughter Tova Shoshana Michal Block

Michael & Yael Zahtz in memory of Grandparents

Jeff and Susan Mendelsberg in memory of Parents and Loved ones

Yocheved & Shlomo Lieberman in memory of Parents and family killed in the Holocaust


Leonard and Pam Cohen in memory of Tibey and Irving Braun, Charles Braun, Anne and Harry Cohen

Adam and Shira Kirshner in memory of Grandparents

Aharon and Michelle Kaye in memory of Grandparents

Bernard Mandelman in memory of Jack, Shirley and Rhoda Mandelman

Marc and Stacy Olswang in memory of Yaakov Lev ben Binyamin and grandparents

Claude and Zisl Edelson In memory of parents and loved ones

Herbert Goldsmith in memory of his wife Martha

Anna Goldstein in Memory Miriam bas R'Yehuda Zev

Sammy and Tzippora Joseph In memory of grandparents, and Yehuda Yudkowsky

Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Crandall in memory of Yaffa's parents, Mel and Mildred Wadler

Asher and Michal Mendelsberg

Colin and Alexa Friedman 

Moti and Shira Ninio in memory of Moti's father, Binyomin ben Mordechai

Tzvi and Sharona Perlman in memory of grandfather Tzvi Hirsch ben Avrohom

Sharon Merzel in memory of her husband, Eliyahu ben Yeshayahu

Mordechai and Chavie Millunchick  in memory of Chavie's father  Pesach Binyamin ben Tzvi Dov and grandparents and loved ones

Esther Samber-Freidman in memory of loved ones

Phyllis Kaplan

Eliyanah Wodika  in loving memory of my parents Will and Ruth Wodika and my sister Yudite Miriam Wodika

Michael and Randi Loskove

Heshy & Debbie Wengrow in memory of their fathers and grandparents

Heshy Wengrow in memory of R’ Yisroel Prero

Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784