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Safety Questions

  • What safety precautions are in place due to Covid at Yeshurun?
    Yeshurun’s safety committee has implemented many guidelines and protocols based on the recommendations of the CDC, IDPH, the Agudah, OU, and others and with the guidance of Rabbi Cohen and medical professionals. The two primary precautions are masks and proper distancing. In addition, we have a robust cleaning protocol, and hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.
  • Can I take my mask off when I get to my seat?
    No. Masks are needed at all times indoors and at the outdoors minyan. Masks must fully cover your nose. Face shields have not been shown to be as effective as face masks and are not a substitute.
  • What should I do if I see someone not wearing a mask or not wearing their mask properly?
    If you feel comfortable doing so and can do so calmly, please gently remind them of Yeshurun’s policy. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please let someone else know - a gabbai, minyan captain or officer of the shul.
  • Do I need to wear gloves?
    Gloves are not necessary. The Baal Koreh and those receiving an aliyah must wear a fresh pair of gloves.
  • Where can I sit in shul?
    In the main shul, seats with proper social distancing are marked with check marks in the men’s section and with blue tape on the back of each seat upstairs. Sitting in these seats allows for the maximum allowed seating capacity. In the other rooms of shul, the tables have been set with six foot distancing to allow one person or family unit to sit at each table. See below regarding Yomim Noraim.
  • I am over sixty-five may I come to shul? 
    If you are over sixty-five or have an underlying health considerations, for your safety we ask that you speak to your doctor before returning to shul.
  • Do I need to bring my own siddur? Can I use shul sefarim?
    The shul siddurim, chumashim and sefarim are be available for use, however, please note that they will not be cleaned, and, similar to all surfaces, there is a risk associated with using them. Both siddurim and sefarim may only be used on the condition that they are returned to the shelf immediately after use.
  • I did not bring a siddur, can I daven from my phone?
    NO. Phones must be turned off and may not be used as a replacement for a siddur.
  • How is the davening different during this time?
    While it is necessary to institute certain changes applicable to the actual davening, we will not compromise the integrity of Tefilah B’Tzibur.  As such, we will daven slowly and deliberately with extra kavanna, while at the same time limiting risk of exposure.
  • I am worried about the possibility of Covid remaining on surfaces. What should I do?
    It is possible to come to shul without touching surfaces. In addition, there is hand sanitizer throughout the shul.
  • Are the restrooms open?
    Yes. It is however asked that its use be reserved to urgent needs.
  • Are the rules for the outdoor minyan different than indoors?
    Davening at the outdoor minyan is similar to davening inside. Masks and proper distancing are needed when davening outside.
  • Can I learn in shul?
    Yes, the shul is open for learning, A face mask must be worn at all times, and all chavrusahs must sit either six feet apart or learn using one of the ChavrusahShields©.
  • Is the coffee room open?
    No. The coffee room will be closed for the duration of the pandemic. In addition, there are no drinks or food allowed in shul. However, if you would like to drink a coffee from home, you can learn in the outdoor bais medrash.
  • I previously experienced some symptoms of Covid-19 but have not been tested. May I come to shul?
    If you had or think you may have had COVID-19:  You must wait at least 21 days after all symptoms have resolved AND have received explicit permission from your physician.
  • Are children allowed in shul?
    Children between the age of 8 and 12 (inclusive) may daven in shul by a responsible adult and remain by that adult’s side at ALL times.
  • What other restrictions are there regarding those who may not attend Yeshurun’s minyanim?
    Based on the recommendation of our Rov, anyone who davens at a minyan in which people do not wear masks (even if that person does wear a mask), unfortunately for the time being, cannot participate in any of our indoor minyanim. In addition, anyone who has traveled within the last 14 days to any state on the City of Chicago’s restricted list may not attend any of our minyanim.

Yomim Noraim Questions Specific to this Year

  • What minyanim are being offered this year?
    This year there will be minyanim both indoors and outdoors, in addition to the early minyan. The exact details have yet to be determined.
  • How will seating be done this year?
    Because of the necessity to allow for full social distancing, regular seating will not take place. All available seats in each room will be marked, and, instead of having a specific seat like prior years, members will be assigned to a room/area not a specific seat.
  • How will everyone fit for davening?
    We will be doing our best to ensure everyone has a place to daven. The minyanim areas will be expanded to try to accommodate as many people as possible. We have explored certain additional overflow areas to be used depending on the interest in each minyan. In our initial assessment, there will likely be less room available for women in some of the minyanim. It is important that you return your membership with seating, so that we are able to figure out the logistics.
  • How will things look if the guidelines change?
    It is important to remember that the guidelines from the city and state have been in constant flux, and there may be drastic changes with what we are permitted to do. We will try our hardest to accommodate everyone and will be in contact if there are meaningful changes.
  • I haven’t yet decided if I feel comfortable returning to shul for Yomim Noraim. How should I fill out my membership form?
    Please make the minyan choice that you will likely be the most comfortable with and add any additional notes and concerns that you have in the available space.
  • I will not feel comfortable being in shul for the complete davening on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Will the shul be providing an expedited minyan option?
    The Rov will determine closer to Yom Tov what if any parts of the Yomim Noraim davening will not be said due to the extenuating circumstances of this year. Any changes will be applied equally to each minyan. If you do not feel comfortable attending the entire davening, parts of davening may be said at home. Specific guidelines will be communicated closer to Yom Tov.
  • Will masks need to be worn for the entire davening?
    YES. Masks must be worn at all times indoors and at all Yeshurun minyanim. Everyone is encouraged to take fresh-air breaks outdoors and to change their masks as needed.
  • Will there be childcare available through the shul this year?
    No. Due to the risks involved, we are unable provide childcare this year.
  • My wife would like to come to shul after the early minyan has completed and wants to have a place available for her even though she is coming late, what is the best option?
    Once the early minyan has concluded, that seating area will be converted into seating for women.
  • Membership rates typically increase yearly. Are rates going up this year?
    No! The board understands that this year has dealt many challenges. We understand that there may be some who due to current circumstances cannot afford the membership, and we will be accommodating. That said, the shul is prepared for a large drop in available funds and asks everyone to continue to be as generous as they have been in past years to help us with the increased costs this year.
  • I know that may people’s parnasah have been adversely affected due to the pandemic. What can I do to help both them and the shul?
    An option to help sponsor the membership of other members who may need a special scholarship this year is available.

Membership Questions:

  • Can I fill out membership online?
    Yes, you can fill out membership and reserve seats at The website will automatically notify the VP of Membership to process your membership.
  • How can I guarantee that I get the seat I want/that I get last year’s seat?
    This year, due to Covid-19, specific seat reservations will not be accepted. Most or all of the rooms will be ‘first come first serve’ available to all who are assigned to that room/minyan.
  • I don't need seats. Why do I need to fill out a form?
    Seats are only part of the membership process. For us to properly maintain records of all of our members and their accounts and to make sure they receive the benefits of membership, we need to have a form filled out (paper or online) with that person's membership enrollment.
  • How can I tell if my payment went through?
    If you filled out your form online, you should receive an automated email response (check your junk mail or spam folder). If you did not receive that, please contact the shul office.
  • Can I just take care of my membership in the shul office?
    While our shul office takes care of many things, membership is handled by the VP of Membership and not the office. If you need help, you can call the office and the office manager will gladly help you fill out the form.
  • I would like to be a Full Member, but I can't afford it. Should I just do a Weekday or Associate Membership?
    We want everyone who wants to be a Full Member to be classified as such and receive the benefits as such, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, instead of taking out a lesser form of membership, please contact our VP of Membership at to discuss a discounted rate. All matters are held in confidence. You can also fill out the alternate payment membership form online.
  • If I can't afford a Full Membership, will my shul benefits be any less?
    Absolutely not! Here at Yeshurun, we try our best to treat everyone equally, regardless of their finances.
  • What defines a Weekday Member?
    Anyone who uses the shul with regularity, but might not daven with us Shabbos morning. This means attending weekday minyanim for Shacharis, Mincha or Maariv, regular shiurim, or any of the other Shabbos tefillos, as well as anyone who relies upon the Rav for shailos or eitzah.
  • What defines an Associate Member?
    Someone who is affiliated with the shul, attends minyanim or shiurim on occasion, or occasionally relies upon the Rav's services. Someone who acknowledges the ways that the shul benefits the community at large.
  • What is a Premium member?
    A Premium Member is someone who wishes to extend their full support of the shul and its programming. The shul recognizes premium members with four seats for Yamim Noraim and a small gift.  
  • I don't need seats, but want to be a member. Does that cost less?
    Annual membership rates are the same for all families; assigned seats for the Yom Tovim are just one of the many benefits that Adas Yeshurun provides to our members throughout the year.
  • I don't want to be a member, but I'd like to join you for Yom Tov. How can I do that?
    First, we look forward to having you with us for Yom Tov.  There are several ways to reserve your seat:
    • If you are a guest of a member of Adas Yeshurun, they can include a request for you to be added to their membership.
    • If you are coming from out-of-town and are not connected to a member of Adas Yeshurun, please contact our VP of Membership for assistance.
    • If you daven locally, please use our electronic or paper-based form to become a member.
    • Please note that this year due to Covid-19, priority will be given to members of Yeshurun.
  • How can I pay for my membership?
    There are a number of ways to pay for your membership. Aside from paper checks, we also accept all major credit cards and support echecks (aka ACH payments). On the online membership form, options to split your membership into monthly payments are given.

Account Questions

  • I have set up a monthly payment plan. Does this plan automatically adjust when I make additional pledges to the shul?
    No, new pledges and older pledges not included in the payment plan need to be added manually. Please contact the shul office to add new and older pledges to an existing payment plan. The shul is testing a new system that will allow you to automatically add new pledges to your monthly payments. Please contact the office for more details.
Fri, November 27 2020 11 Kislev 5781