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Frieda Litman a"h

Frieda Litman, רינה בת ברוך, was a strong and devoted matriarch of our family.  A modern woman that cherished tradition.  One of the few women who drove in her Marine Park Brooklyn neighborhood.  She was not a quiet one. It is said that when Frieda yelled at her boys to practice their instruments all of Marine Park sat down to practice too.  You knew where she stood and what she stood for. 

Her husband and family always came first.  She guided her three sons with a firm hand, she made sure everyone was kept in line. Always impeccably dressed.  Every one of her daughter in laws learned to make her signature dish, eggplant parmigian.  Although she was blessed with many riches of family, life was not always easy. Her husband had a massive heart attack at 35 and she always worried about his health. She herself had overcome breast cancer.

Through it all she persevered and showed us what devotion for family and love could help conquer. She was always there to help any family member and friend.

This fund was created in thanks to Hashem for the miraculous birth to our own לאה רינה. It would be our tremendous זכות for לאה רינה to have the qualities and strengths that her great grandma Frieda had. To give wholeheartedly to her family, friends and community while still being her own unique self.

The Litman and Wulkan Families

Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784