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Please note that starred memberships levels will have $50 discounted from their total if completed by Aug. 8 (Rosh Chodesh Elul) as a $50 Early Bird Discount. 
The security fee helps to defray the cost of the Shabbos Morning Security guard and other security needs.

In the box above please enter the name of each person who will need a seat on a separate line. Please include any seating requests and if you will be attending the early minyan. 

No one will be turned away due to financial difficulties.
All requests for discounts will be dealt in a private manner by the membership committee.

If you need additional seats please enter them below. 

If you need additional seats please enter them below. 

Thank you for being an active part of our kehilah and community. 
May we all merit an upcoming year of good health and happiness for our kehillah, community and all of K'lal Yisroel.

Choose Your Seats

Please complete the section below to ensure seating accommodations are made for everyone in your family/group.

Name -  Enter each person in your group on a separate line.  For additional lines, increase the number of additional seats specified above.
Location - For women's seats you can request balcony seats and seats in the overflow room downstairs in the notes section.
When - Please let us know if you will be here for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. 
Early Minyan - Please select yes by each person who will be attending the Early Minyan.
Notes - Please use this field to specify location of Women’s Seats (either “Balcony” or “Overflow Room”) along with any other seating requests we should keep in mind. 

With the exception of Permanent seats, even if you select same seats as last year, we cannot guarantee that you will get the same seats as last year. ('Last year' refers to 2019 as last year we did not have covid seating.) Permanent seats can be reserved with a building fund donation of $4,500. To make a building fund donation, please contact the shul office.

Who needs seats?
  * Name Location When Early Minyan* LocationSeating request notes

Details regarding childcare will be sent to all those interested. 

There is a $45 fee per child. This fee covers all of Yomim Noraim even if you only send to one session. 

In order that we can properly staff the groups, please let us know when your child will be attending. 

Please tell us your children's names and ages.

A donation in this field will be applied to Yom Kippur Yizkor/Yomim Noraim Campaign.
My donation is in memory of....
The Youth Fund helps support youth programming in Yeshurun.
This fund helps those members of our kehillah who may be unemployed, underemployed, facing health or other challenges. 
Please add a note to the right. 

Questions?  Contact Sammy Joseph at


Sat, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781