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Purim Schedule
See below for more details regarding Purim

Thursday, February 25 | Purim Night
5:10 Mincha - Main Shul, Social Hall and Tent*
6:08 Maariv - Main Shul, Social Hall and Tent
6:26 Megilah – Main Shul – This laining will be full length
6:26 Megilah – Social Hall – This laining will be somewhat quicker than regular
7:45 Maariv - Main Shul

8:00 Megilah only – Main Shul 
8:15 – Family Purim Zoom (Kids Raffle, Game Show, Shpeil)
9:15 Megilah only – Main Shul
9:30 Seder Limud, Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik
10:15 Kumtzis (TBD)
*Note - The tent minyan is sold out. 
Friday, February 26 | Purim Day
6:11 am Vasikin Shacharis (Megillah not before 6:40am) Main Shul
7:00 am Shacharis (Megilah not before 7:30) Social Hall, and Tent
8:00 am Shacharis (Megilah c 8:30) Main Shul
9:00 am Shacharis (Megilah not before 9:30) Social Hall
10:00 am Additional Megilah Reading Main Shul
11:00 approx. preferred Seudah Start time
12:34 Mincha
3:18 Mincha Ketana
5:17 Candle Lighting
5:25 Mincha/Kabbolas Shabbos

Purim Notes

Please read through this entire listing as it contains many details regarding Purim at Yeshurun. Please note that this information is subject to change do to many changing variables. We will communicate any changes over email.
There is obligation for all Men, Women and Children over bar/bas Mitzvah to hear the megillah twice, once at night and once at day.
Night- There will be two concurrent megillah lainings following Maariv Thursday night. One reading (Expanded Main Shul) will allow children sitting quietly next to an adult and banging for Haman as in a regular year. The other laining (social Hall) will be grogger-less* and is not children under bar/bas mitzvah.
*Groggerless Megillah: Noisemaking (banging, booing, stomping, cowhorns, groggers, cymbals, bullhorns, etc...) at the first and last Haman only.
In addition, there will be additional megillah readings at various times in the night, for those who are unable to attend the first laining or who wish to attend a laining with less people.
Day – There will be multiple minyanim and megillah readings throughout the morning. See the full schedule below. 
Homebound – If you are homebound and are unable to attend shul to hear megillah, please contact the office as soon as you can. We will work on providing safe options for you to be yotzai this mitzva.
Halacha Guidelines and Suggestions
There is a custom to give three half-dollars to tzedakah at Mincha on Ta’anis Esther. This is often done by lifting and replacing the half-dollars provided in exchange for charity. Note that the custom may be fulfilled by simply giving charity, and one is not required to handle the designated coins. If one was not able to fulfill this before Purim, one should do so on Purim day or at some point in the month of Adar. Money set aside for charity (ma’aser) should not be used to fulfill this minhag.
Eating Before Megillah
Unless one feels weak, the Fast of Esther should not be broken until after hearing Megillah. If one is not hearing Megillah until later in the evening, snacking other than significant amounts of cakes and cookies (mezonos foods) is permissible. However, a full meal should not be eaten until after one hears Megillah.  
Purim Seuda on Erev Shabbos
As this year Purim is Erev Shabbos, the seudah must be eaten early. It is preferred to start the seudah by 11am. The seudah must end by mincha ketana 3:18pm. The earlier one can conclude the seudah the better, to ensure the Shabbos Seudah can be eaten properly.
Our communal obligation to keep up our Covid safety standards and policies is still very much in place. Given the appropriate joyous atmosphere of the Purim Seuda, this can present real challenges in maintaining proper standards. Indoor Seudos with guests are strongly discouraged.
Mishloach Manos
The mitzvah is accomplished by sending two different ready-to-eat food items to one friend; both foods may have the same beracha. Each of the foods should be a somewhat substantial portion. Most people deliver many additional packages and this is indeed commendable and a wonderful display of goodwill and friendship, fitting the Purim themes of joy and unity. However, especially this year when Covid restrictions call for extra precautions, and it is a shorter day,  please consider contributing extra money to Tzeddakah instead of delivering extra or extravagant Mishloach Manos. 
Matanos L’evyonim 
Matanos La’evyonim is fulfilled by giving money  to at least two poor people on the day of Purim. It is proper for each gift to equal the value of a small meal. Matanos La’evyonim is a special mitzvah, and may not be fulfilled from the amount of money a person sets aside for charity during the rest of the year (ma’aser). However, ma’aser money may be used for any donation beyond the minimum two gifts. The Rambam writes that it is better to spend more on this mitzvah than on Mishloach Manos and the festive Purim meal. He explains that the greatest happiness comes when one gives joy to those less fortunate.
Purim Fun
Family Purim Zoom
Purim Night there will be a “Family Zoom” at 8:15pm. This zoom will have a Purim Raffle, a Yeshurun Trivia Game and live showing of the Shpiel. It is recommended that you have a second device for the trivia game. Click here to join the zoom. 
Liel Purim Limud Seder
Davening and Torah Learning on Purim have a special power. There will be a special learning seder Purim Night. This seder will begin at 9:30pm in the Bais Medrash. This seder will be followed by a kumtzis in the Social Hall.
Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik
One of the special parts of Purim is Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik where boys learn with their fathers on Purim. Because Purim is on Erev Shabbos, we are recommended all boys (who are able to stay up late) to come to the Leil Purim Limud Seder. Otherwise, the bais medrash will be open all day for you to come in and learn.
Wed, February 24 2021 12 Adar 5781