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Yovel Remodeling Project

There are a number of available dedication opportunities and participation levels beyond what is listed below. For a more complete list or to discuss  your in involvement please reach out to Rabbi Mordechai Millunchick (, 773-307-8833).


Some FAQ about the Project

Q - Can you give me a quick overview of what is happening in this project?

The Yovel Project is creating a Grand Bais Medrash (Bais Medrash Vavei Hamudim) for Torah and tefilah for our growing shul, bringing the most unifying part of our Shul to the forefront of Yeshurun. Everyone coming into Yeshurun will know Torah learning is what’s most important to Yeshurun. At the same time will reimagine and beautify additional space to be used as a Bais Kanesses, dedicated in memory of Rabbi Gedaliah Dov Schwartz zt"l, understanding that our Shul needs to continue to provide space and comfort for everyone. Finally, a reimagined Entrance from the parking lot will allow for safer and comfortable access to the shul. In short, the main shul is becoming a large grand Bais Medrash. In addition to the cosmetic changes to the ceiling, walls and carpet, there will be upgrades to electrical systems, waterproofing and acoustical adjustments.

Q- When will the project we completed?

We are anticipating the completion of the majority of the interior work to be done by the end of February. The East Entrance from the parking lot should be completed before Peasch.

Q- Is updating the social hall and the upstairs lobby part of this project?

Sadly not, however if there is enough interest and support these will be the next areas in the building to be addressed.

Q- Will there be any physical changes to the Ezras Nashim upstairs?

The only change to the upstairs Ezras Nashim is the addition of two new vestibules that will greatly cut down on the amount of noise that enters the room from the active lobby. All other changes upstairs are only cosmetic.

Q. – Will the artwork on the windows be replaced?

After consulting with the architect and the original fabricator of the decorative windows, we determined that replacing the artwork is not feasible for a number of reasons. We have found a location to display this beautiful piece of art that allow for it to be showcased in way that we hope will be surprisingly inspirational.

Q. – The Bais Medrash Divrei Regesh is smaller than the main shul was. What is happening with the Kibbutz Lavi Benches?

We will be able to utilize about 45% of the benches in the main shul. After much searching we have found a shul that will be able to utilize the benches. We are happy that furniture that we have used for many years and davened many tefilos with, will now have a new life enhancing another makom kodesh. We will be moving the seat plaques to the Bais Medrash Divrei Regesh.

Q- Are there any security enhancements as part of this project?

Yes, this project was designed with an eye towards security and accessibility. The new wider entrance and reconfigured Eastern areas will allow for great speed in evacuating the building. In addition, a recent Federal Security Grant will allow us to install many additional upgrades that will enhance the security of the entire facility. With regards to accessibility, we are happy that all minyan rooms of the shul will now allow for aliyos for all, including those in wheelchairs.  

Q. – Where will I be able to keep my personal items and things?

                We will be expanding the numbers of cubbies available and will be providing a small amount of space for people to keep their personal items. There will be a robust system in place to ensure that the building does not become cluttered and remains clean. All items that are not clearly labeled will removed from the shul.

Q.- Will I be able to bring my own personal shtender into the new Bais Medrash?

In order to ensure a uniform look and cleanliness of the room, as well as ensuring that all members are given equal opportunities, there will be a uniform shtenders available. There is a committee working on the exact shtender choice, and creating a fair policy that will allow those who want to have a shtender with out detracting the ability to learn or cluttering the room.

Q- What else is included in the project?

There are a number of additional and thoughtful additions to this project, too many to include in an email. We are happy to give you a tour of the project as the work progresses. Please contact Rabbi Millunchick to schedule a time to walk through the area.

Q- This is a very exciting project; how can I participate?

There are a number of ways to join with this exciting project. If you have yet to participate in the Building Fund, we ask all members to participate with a base pledge of $4,500 payable over 3 years. There are many dedications and sponsorship opportunities as part of the project at every sponsorship level. In addition, there is an opportunity to join in the zechus of dedicating the Bais Medrash Divrei Regesh, in memory of Rabbi Gedaliah Dov Schwartz zt”l for a participating donation of at least $500 or $1,000.


For questions, to learn more or to schedule a tour please reach out to Rabbi Mordechai Millunchick (, 773-307-8833).


Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783