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Daf Hashavuah -Kesser 

Yeshurun is proud to recognize the achievements of the Daf Hashavuah program and present its members with the Kesser Yeshurun Award.

Started in January 2008, the 40-plus members of the Daf Hashavuah, learn one daf a week. With shiurim by Rabbi Zev Cohen, Dr. Yakov Weil, Rabbi Noah Barron and Rabbi Yechiel Pisem to help guide the participants on a colorful journey through Shas, the Daf Hashavuah program -- recognized by many gedolim in America and in Eretz Yisroel -- is now on the cusp of completing Masseches Yoma and over 520 blatt learned.

Daf Hashavua's pace is designed to allow participants the time to learn each daf with clarity and also review it enough to retain the information. Those who are able to invest sufficient time into proper chazarah can indeed make a true kinyan b'Torah, one massechta at a time, to whatever level of depth they are able to achieve. Many who have joined the program have remarked how their learning has become so much sweeter because they feel they can finally retain their learning in ways they were never able to before!

Of course, there is also an ultimate goal of getting through Shas through this limud. Although it may be encouraging that Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit"a has given his personal bracha that those who have started the program should be able to complete it, nonetheless with a nearly 52-year cycle on this program, that goal may seem very distant or perhaps out of reach for some. Indeed, getting through Shas can be achieved much faster by learning Daf Yomi, but the main goal of Daf Hashavua is the quality of the learning and the remembering of it. This is bolstered, in a way similar to Daf Yomi, by the fact that the learning is at a fixed, disciplined pace, and participants are in the company of many others who are learning the same Gemara along with them.

Yeshurun invites the community to this Seudas Mitzvah ten years in the making and to join us as we journey to Masseches Sukkah and beyond.

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Thu, March 21 2019 14 Adar II 5779