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Bid for a Kibbud

ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה
מעבירין את רוע הגזרה

The Mishna Berura (תקפח ס"ק ח) quotes the Mateh Ephraim"It is appropriate for every G-d fearing man to make an effort to get an Aliyah on the Yomim Noraim (Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur). Even in places where the Aliyos are usually auctioned off [to the wealthy], one should "purchase" an Aliya for that time of year for as much as his means allow. [And lest one think that there is something degrading about purchasing an Aliyah at such a holy time of year, the truth is] just the opposite: There is greater spiritual advantage in a Mitzvah that comes one's way through monetary expenditure than in a Mitzvah that has come one's way free of charge."

This year, there will not be a live auction of kibbudim, instead there will only be pre-sale of kibbudim. 

To bid on a kidbud email or call Rabbi Millunchick at 773-307-8833. The listed prices are the prices the listed kibbud sold for in previous years. 

Rosh Hashana - Aliyos
[Unless indicated Kibbud is available both days]
Rosh Hashana - Other Kibbudim
[Unless indicated Kibbud is available both days]
Kohen Day 1 for Rabbi Cohen - $2000
Kohen Day 2 - $1000
Levi - $360
Shlishi - $1000
Revii & Chamishi $750
Maftir $1000


Psicha Shacharis $500
Hotzaah v'hachnosa $360
Habgbah Gelilah x2 $250
Psicha Mussaf $600


 Yom Kippur - Kibbudim Yom Kippur - Aliyos

Psicha Shacharis -$250
Hotzaah v'hachnosa $360
Habgbah Gelilah x2 $250
Psichas Mussaf $750
Hotzaah v'hachnosa -Mincha $200

Habgbah Gelilah-Mincha $300
Psichas Neilah - $3000

Kohen for Rabbi Cohen - $1800
Levi - $360
Shlishi - $750
Revii, Chamishi and Shishi - $750
Maftir $750

Kohen-Mincha $500
Levi- Mincha $200
Maftir Yona - $5000

Tue, July 23 2019 20 Tammuz 5779